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« on: September 06, 2014, 05:20:03 PM »
It is unfortunate but these things seem to need to be written down:

1.  The DJs have the ultimate say about what will and won't be played, either during the Karaoke portion or the intermissions.

2.  The stream WILL remain only on the host'/hosts' land and will be relayed into the URU Karaoke Hood/Bevin by a DJ.  If you can't hear the stream through the Second Life music player, (always keep your QuickTime up-to-date to avoid this problem), then you may obtain the stream url from the About Land tab and use it only in your personal music player on your personal computer for your own personal enjoyment.

3.  Respect the DJs.  They not only pay for their own stream, they also spend a lot of time putting together the show every week.  FYI: The DJs see very little of SL while     they are doing this as they have many windows to operate on their computer.    Your tips help to defray the costs of their stream.

4.  Respect the URU Karaoke! Forum. This website is kindly created and maintained  by our friend, Borg, and is also moderated by D'ni-Js.
5.  Respect the singers. Each singer pays a subscription to or some other site where they can purchase a backing track.  SingSnap costs $120 per year in Canada; I'm unsure of rates elsewhere in the world.  Regardless of cost to the singer, they must abide by the terms of service of the site; failure to do so can lead to termination of the subscription and loss of all access to recordings. Also, most singers invest in a good microphone to be able to bring a better aural experience to the listeners.

***    The singers do this because they love this party and sharing a fun time with their friends.  Also, most if not all would like to have their recordings as a 'legacy' as the whole party/group/idea is SilOhWet's legacy.    ***

6.  Respect the Host/Hosts.  The Host has prepared an area of their personal space in which to hold the party. They invite you into their homes. Act as you would in RL in such a situation; with respect and thankfulness.

7.  Guests must be informed of these rules. Any guests are welcomed by all at the party; however, you must ensure that they know these Terms of Use.  If they must leave the party, they must also leave the stream behind. 

     FYI:  The DJ knows how many people are listening to his/her stream.
    This party operates on DISCRETION; ie, it's put on by your friends for your enjoyment.
9.  All issues that arise will be handled by the URU Karaoke team:  ie the Group owners, the Grandmasters, and the D'ni-Js.  Their decisions are final.

10.  Have fun!

Signed, The URU Karaoke team