Author Topic: Concurrency - Playing in MOULagain and SL  (Read 1356 times)

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Concurrency - Playing in MOULagain and SL
« on: February 21, 2010, 05:47:24 PM »
Just thought I would bring this up since I rely on the calendar here (very heavily) for information for The D'ni Voice as well as the SL in-world newsletter. I see quite a few events starting to run concurrently and would like to have information available in the Calendar/Event postings so I can get them out to folk. I have also established a Cavern Events Thread in Off Topic MOUL forums so it is also there and I am willing to keep that current with links to this site but if you want to throw something in there it would be great too. What I am looking for is the Where: Which Bevin/Hood will the event be played in as well as SL location/Slurl, Times: since KI time is one hour off of SL time and I am now totally confused as to any time these days..., Contact Person: KI number of someone to contact if Bevin/Hood isn't showing in the Nexus (known bug) and Stream Information: Stream info for both SL (whether land stream or other) and MOULagain for Shoutcast or whatever should be used so folk can get the music.

Donahoo had one bang up turnout for her first Cocktail Party...Folk see numbers in a Bevin/Hood they will come, lol.... I see huge numbers for Karaoke since it is such a long tradition with us and it is such a fun event. So any help you can give me adding to your posts in the Calendar/Event would be tremendous.